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Le Lissier is a Parisian brand that offers up-cycled fabric trainers, made from fabrics made by French and European publishers. Since July 2020, Occhio has been raising awareness of the up-and-coming brand and generating sales through advertising campaigns on social networks.


The aim of the brand is to boost the e-commerce site’s sales, by creating targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Le Lissier wants to generate quality traffic to its website and increase its conversion rate. The challenge is to offer relevant advertisements to the appropriate target audiences, taking into account the limited nature of the collections. Indeed, the proposed trainers are produced as limited edition, with certain restocking periods. Occhio regularly exchanges with Le Lissier to manage inventory issues and to adapt current campaigns in order to maintain optimal results.
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Our solution

Le Lissier has chosen Occhio as a partner for setting up and optimizing his campaigns. Over the course of the different collections, seasons and stocks, we worked closely with the brand’s creator to offer tailored advertising.


The campaigns implemented by Occhio have generated sales on the site with an average ROAS of 2.63. All of these actions carried out have also helped to increase the brand’s digital awareness on social networks. The A/B Testing has allowed for the targeting of highly engaged audiences, with a large CTR and numerous recordings of advertisements.


  • SEA campaigns
  • Traffic Management


In order to respond to the lead generation strategy, several campaigns have been deployed:

  • Conversion campaigns to increase traffic on the site and raise brand awareness and retargeting campaigns to generate sales.
  • A/B testing approach with qualified audiences and a creative editorial line to ensure the relevance of advertisements and targets for Le Lissier,
  • Strategic recommendations on the website.

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