Monday Car

Monday Car offers a new way to have a car without any constraints thanks to an all-inclusive subscription.


The challenge was to test potential market for MondayCar in France and find clients. We also helped into finding the best message.
+ 0 4
Landing page created
x 0 2
Community increased
audience tested

Our solution

Occhio developed strategies for each personas and created one page per persona. We launched to test the service with the first campaign in Paris in October 2020.


We have created 4 different landing pages adapted to our need for personas. We also had from 5-10 audience per personas to be able to test enough audience and content to find the right target.


  • Digital Strategy
  • UX / UI
  • Landing Page creation
  • A/B messages
  • Google ads and Facebook ads


Social networks


Content Marketing

to structure your acquisition

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