Anne de Vandière

The TRIBU/S DU MONDE association aims to exhibit portraits and testimonies of men and women through their hands, belonging to ethnic groups/tribes threatened with extinction. Photographer Anne de Vandière has been working on this project since its creation.TRIBU/S DU MONDE is an exhibition that travel in the world.


The challenge was to realize a portfolio in both English and French for museums. We also helped in researching new international partners for exhibitions. In order to help Anne de Vandiere we develop a digital strategy.
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  • Production of a bilingual multimedia press kit
  • Research of national and international media partnerships within the framework of an exhibition
  • Implementation of a digital strategy to develop the audience of the project.


Over 80% monthly subscribers on Facebook, creation of a community of 800 followers on Twitter, over 60% monthly subscribers on Instagram and new media partners.

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