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Occhio took care of developing the notoriety of the Equipbaie and Rééduca trade fairs and the organic acquisition of committed communities. Equipbaie is an event happening every 2 years that attracts 400 exhibitors and more than 20 000 professionals specialists in house protection, sun protection windows, and house equipment. Rééduca brings together professionals and students in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Over 3 days, the fair welcomes 150 exhibitors and more than 7000 visitors.


The challenge for both trade fairs is to target professionals in two sectors that are not very digitally friendly, and are not identifiable enough on LinkedIn and social networks.

The challenge for Equipbaie was to acquire visitors for the fair (the pass is not free) and to promote the fair organically, without deploying advertising budget. To achieve these goals, it was necessary to strengthen the notoriety of the Equipbaie and Metalexpo brands and to create a community of craftsmen and construction professionals. To promote each annual edition of its trade fair, Rééduca wanted to increase its digital reputation with a targeted audience. The goal is to create an active community that encourages the registration of visitors and exhibitors for the show. The acquisition mission starts 4 months before the beginning of the Salon. The challenge consists in organically increasing the reputation of Rééduca.
  • Social Networks
  • Community Management
  • Content Marketing
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Community increase
and x4 in 3 months
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Engagement rate
presales for two events

The strategy

To achieve Equibaie’s objectives, Occhio has implemented a content strategy based on several elements:

  • Definition of personae for the client to better target the users and to build their loyalty by offering them relevant content,
  • Creation of a blog to improve the awareness of Equipbaie and the retention of users,
  • Content mapping to ensure that all elements were relevant and harmonized,
  • Setting up conversion tunnels,
  • SEO optimization.


The various actions carried out by Occhio for Equipbaie allowed to multiply by 4 the community in three months. The commitment rate increased by 2% thanks to the implementation of a strategic approach. Targeting and Content Marketing have converted users with more than 1,000 presales for events. Rééduca’s Instagram account, with more than 1,000 followers, has become a major acquisition channel for its organic growth. The animation of the networks allowed to engage the community: 25% of the community is active. Partnerships with influencers have made Rééduca more visible to the kinesitherapist community. These collaborations are renewed a dozen times a year and perpetuate the digital reputation of the show.

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