Alzohis is a biotech company that puts scientific research and data at the service of humans. Their vision? To make diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease a simple act with a blood test.


We have been working with Alzohis since September 2021 to boost their reputation through community management and advertising campaigns. Development of new levers of the Google ecosystem, in particular Display, and advice on the directions to take for display and video. Channels :
  • Traffic Management
  • Campagnes SEA (Google Search + Display)
  • Social networks (Linkedin and Facebook)
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In order to develop brand awareness and traffic to the website, several campaigns were deployed:

  • 2 search campaigns and 5 display campaigns launched on Google ads
  • An A/B testing approach on different visuals/ad formats and structures
  • We created the editorial calendars for the social networks and animated the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts (community management) to be visible to the general public and media specialists.


The Google ads campaigns have targeted very engaged audiences with a significant CTR of more than 4%.We prepared an average of 14 publications per month on social networks and doubled the number of followers on LinkedIn among health professionals.

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