Doctolib offers an appointment management software as well as an online appointment booking service for patients in France, Italy and Germany.


We accompanied Doctolib for 6 months for its launch in Italy on the Google ads part. The challenges were :
  1. To develop an awareness of the platform in Italy via a branding campaign
  2. To generate appointments on the platform to increase the number of Italian patients and reduce the risk of churners (doctors, experts)
  3. To take advantage of the acquisition of its competitor to ensure the transition of patients and doctors to Doctolib
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Doctolib came to us for our expertise in the Italian market and in particular our advice and recommendations on the right strategy to approach. We provided them with a complete audit of the Google Ads campaigns launched in Italy with our key insights and action levers to implement. We also created a complete roadmap for the year 2022 with all the optimizations and tests to be carried out daily, weekly, and monthly. In addition to the strategic part, we accompanied Doctolib in the operational management of these campaigns (+1000 campaigns launched every week): optimization, A/B test, and creation of new ads in Italian…


Our support in the management of the campaigns during 6 months allowed : To divide the CPC by 2 and to reduce the cost per online booking by 20% while multiplying the number of monthly online bookings by 3. We also launched new campaigns in all regions of Italy and targeted new medical specialties as Doctolib developed.

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