Partnering with great athletes from different disciplines for several decades, in more than 100 countries…Technogym is continuously refining its expertise in the world of professional sports, fitness, health or sport.


As part of its B2B development, Technogym wanted to accelerate its professional communication and lead qualification.
  • Social Media (LinkedIn)
  • Design graphic
B2B lead acquisition
x 0
Linkedin profiles
+ 0
managed in community management
visuals designed
+ 0


We managed the LinkedIn profiles of 5 salespeople for 3 months to give a boost to the LinkedIn page of the Technogym company and generate new B2B leads.


This management of LinkedIn profiles has enabled Technogym to develop its reputation among salespeople with engaging content and quality visual creations.These publications increased the number of impressions by 4 times and the number of leads by 2 times.

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